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Darryel Washington

Founder & Executive Director

Darryel R. Washington is an avid golfer, visionary and tenacious leader and a self-determined professional with a heart for youth and a passion for business. His business experience encompasses financial and strategic planning, sales and marketing. This includes the industries of radio, food and beverage, financial services, insurance, and telecommunications. A trained athlete and 15-year baseball player, his love of golf began in 2009 when he received his first set of golf clubs as a birthday gift. This led him to sign up for training at a local golf course and he has not stopped golfing since. Darryel views golf as a mental game that allows for mental accommodation and clarity. This also allows for numerous and excellent networking opportunities. Darryel also believes that golf provides an alternative to the current popular and traditional sports culture. Golf allows youth to connect with nature as well as develop athletic skills. These skills can be used towards a sport that can be played throughout their lifetime whether on an amateur or professional level.

Leticia Barton, MPH 

Managing director

Leticia Barton was born in Charleston, South Carolina. She has lived in the Raleigh area since 2002. In her professional career, she works in Public Health and spent many years in research and development where she became an inventor of four U.S. Patents. She is passionate about improving quality of life through leadership in community service, innovation, mentoring and developing others. 

Leticia received golf instruction at Duke University. She joined Front and Back 9 Junior Golf Academy 2018 and loves being involved in teaching and mentoring the new golfers in the program. She also enjoys providing direction and coordination of Front and Back 9 Junior Golf Academy’s programs and operations to ensure sustainability and growth. She makes the program simple, fun, and creates a welcoming environment for all!


Board of Directors​


Leslie Hardy

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