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Honesty | Integrity | Sportsmanship | Respect | Confidence | Responsibility | Perseverance | Courtesy | Judgment


The mission of Front & Back 9 Junior Golf Academy is to offer students the opportunity to learn the game of golf and hence expose them to core technical, mental, strategic and physical values that will build character producing well rounded and balanced individuals.


Each standard session will last 60 minutes. This program layout serves as a guide and the program will be molded to fit the students' needs. We also provide one-on-one Junior Golf sessions.

Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Game

The first session will introduce students to the fundamentals of golf including learning the terms, elements, posture, grip, and aim.


Lesson 2 - Technique

This session will focus on putting, chipping, pitching and bunker skills.


Lesson 3 - Irons

The primary focus of this lesson will be to learn the different types of irons and their impact while also beginning to implement full swing and become introduced to fairway bunkers.


Lesson 4 - Drivers

This session will hone in on drivers and woods drills while finishing out with a review of all that has been learned.


Lesson 5 - Play

The final lesson will be spent with students playing a (18) hole game of golf.  Family & friends are invited to attend.


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