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Healthy Meal Plan for Active Kids

Hello kids! So you're young and focused on being great golfers. Let me help you make sure you're keeping a healthy meal plan while on the course improving and achieving your greatness.

So whatever your plan is for your day on the course whether practice, improving your swing, putting, or playing the course whether 9 holes or 18, let's make sure first and foremost you are hydrated. Nooo not with your faved fruit drinks or sodas, but with that good high quality H2O. Water to me is the most important source of hydration on the planet and should always be you number one go to.

Next, since you're still kids, I know you love to snack. So I'm going to list some snacks that you should keep close by while out on the golf course. They'll assist you in keeping your energy and power up while performing.

Trail mix: Preferably with a lot of nut content and some sweet content. This would supply strength and energy.

Jerky: Lol not one of my favorites, but made with chicken or Turkey, provides a more healthy and lean performance for your body as you power thru.

Nuts: Whether a certain kind or mix nuts, they'll help keep you focused on the prize.

Whole fresh fruits: Fruits provide vitamins which are essential to everybody's body. And they assist very well with keeping the body up to par.

A few others are: granola bars, a peanut butter sandwich, and even popcorn can give you a healthy advantage over your competition.

One more way to bring energy and skill to your performance is keeping a positive and healthy mindset. I'm a Christian so I use a few scriptures to keep me built up to always win the course and one is I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can win because Christ won.

I believe you're only as good as the body you bring to the competition, so bring your best every-time and improve yourself on your off time.

Chef Cedwin Edwards


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